Indexed Universal Life

Permanent Life Insurance – protection for what’s important, potential for growth

Indexed universal life insurance is similar to other universal life insurance in that it is a permanent life insurance policy that provides protection for loved ones — with a death benefit plus the potential for cash accumulation. The difference is in how the interest is calculated and when it is credited to your policy.


Upside Potential - Downside Market Risk Protection.

Capture upside potential with downside protection.

Indexed universal life policies credit interest based in part on the upward movement of a major stock market index, subject to certain limitations.

The selected stock market index is used to determine how much interest may be credited to your policy, subject to limitations such as a “cap”; however, your premiums and cash values are never invested directly in the stock market. Indexed universal life also provides you with protection from negative market returns since zero is the lowest amount of interest that can be credited to your policy. Therefore, if the index goes down, the resulting interest credit to your policy would not be less than zero.

With an indexed universal life policy, you get:

  • Tax-free death benefit
  • The benefits of tax-deferral
  • A guaranteed minimum interest rate
  • A fixed rate crediting option
  • A number of indexed crediting options
  • Flexible coverage throughout your life
  • The potential for greater interest crediting over the life of the policy
  • Protection from negative market returns


Indexed Universal Life Products


Global Accumulator

Global Accumulator is an Indexed Universal Life (IUL) policy designed for individuals looking for accumulation potential, while maintaining flexibility in their approach. It offers two SMART Buy-Up Strategies: SMART Buy-Up Secure and SMART Buy-Up Performance. Global Accumulator with SMART Buy-Up options enables you to enhance your policy to suit your individual (and changing) circumstances — as you protect your family, prepare for retirement and plan for the future.  SMART. Flexible. Accumulation.


Lifetime Builder ELITE

Lifetime Builder ELITE provides an income tax-free death benefit to help create financial security for your loved ones in the event of your death. Lifetime Builder ELITE also offers the potential to accumulate greater cash values over the life of the policy than other fixed-interest permanent insurance products. It enables you to customize your policy to suit your individual circumstances as you protect your family, save for retirement and plan for the future. Lifetime Builder ELITE is built for life.


Lifetime Foundation ELITE

Lifetime Foundation ELITE is a permanent life insurance product that provides simple, affordable, secure coverage for loved ones at an emotional time of need. Assuming minimum premium requirements have been met, the face amount of your policy can be guaranteed up to the earlier of age 90, or 40 years depending on the insured’s underwriting class.


Wellness for Life

It’s simple to save on life insurance costs with Wellness for Life.® Wellness for Life® is a rider on a permanent life insurance policy that gives you a discount on your insurance costs if you visit the doctor at least every other year. You save even more if you maintain your weight within a range determined when you buy the policy — regardless of your current health or weight. It's that simple.


Additional Riders

In addition to our exclusive Wellness for Life rider, we offer a wide selection of riders to meet many needs.