PRODCAT ForeCertain

When you stop working, your paycheck stops too.

ForeCertain converts your savings into a guaranteed “paycheck” designed to fit your needs.

What do you get from ForeCertain?

Income for just you or your spouse too

Your “paycheck” can be for you or your spouse too when you pass.

Income that can start now or later

With ForeCertain, you choose when you want to start your income.

Income for life or for just a while

Your income can be for the rest of your life or a set number of years.

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Build your “paycheck” your way with ForeCertain

Everyone’s different. That’s why ForeCertain has so many different ways to design your guaranteed income. Whether you’re retiring in a few years or if you’re already there – whether you’re single or married, ForeCertain adjusts to fit your needs. And you choose how long you want your income to last – anywhere from five to 30 years or for the rest of your life. It’s all up to you and what you need.

ForeCertain can change to meet your changing needs

ForeCertain has additional optional features to help you:

  • Keep pace with inflation
  • Protect your premium amount if you die before you begin receiving income
  • Ensure your annuity benefits are not transferred and remain as you intend today
  • Delay the age at which the IRS requires you to start drawing income from the annuity

There’s no charge for these optional benefits, but choosing any of them may lower your income. Additionally, all of the benefits above need to be selected at issue and cannot be changed once chosen. Availability of features varies by the income option you choose, plan type and length of deferral elected. Restrictions and state variations may apply.


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