The most important thing to know is that your payments should continue uninterrupted. In fact, there should be no disruptions to your service or to your payments.
Woman reading welcome letter


You will receive a Welcome Letter from Global Atlantic informing you that either Commonwealth Annuity and Life Insurance Company or First Allmerica Financial Life Insurance Company, subsidiaries of The Global Atlantic Financial Group LLC (collectively, Global Atlantic), has been selected as the annuity provider now responsible for providing your periodic payments going forward.

How Pension Risk Transfer works

A pension plan sponsor (your employer) can transfer to an insurance company its obligation to make defined benefit pension plan payments to its plan participants. The insurance company then becomes responsible, via terms specified under a group annuity contract (GAC) and respective annuity certificates, for making annuity payments in the same amount as would have been paid under the defined benefit plan.

How to contact us

Please refer to your Welcome Letter sent by Global Atlantic for the appropriate contact information.  We anticipate the letter will be mailed approximately two weeks prior to Global Atlantic’s first scheduled payment.


Global Atlantic has a dedicated and separate PRT Service Center, as well as an online PRT Portal (website) to assist you with your questions.  This contact center will be available at the time you receive your Welcome Letter.  The site address, as well as additional contact information, will be included in the Welcome Letter.