You’ve been saving for your retirement for decades and that’s great! But when you do retire, will you know how to make your savings last for your entire retirement?

Here are four income hurdles you may encounter and ideas to get past them.

Hurdle #1

Funding your retirement “paycheck”

Will the sources below be enough for your retirement income needs? Check with your financial professional to see if an annuity with an opportunity for guaranteed income makes sense as part of your strategy.

Employment income?
When you stop working, your paycheck stops too.

Social Security?
The average Social Security benefit for a married couple was $28,080 in 2018.1

Pension income?
Only 17% of American workers are covered by a defined benefit pension plan.2

Your savings?
What if your retirement assets lose value? Or if your savings run out?

Hurdle #2

Making your money last

The number of Americans living into their 90s and beyond has tripled since 1980.3 People are living longer and you may need your retirement savings to last 30 years or more. An annuity that provides lifetime income may play an integral role in your income strategy. Talk with your financial professional for details.


Hurdle #3

Having enough for the basics

The total cost of two $10 meals served three times a day for 20 years is $438,000. Obviously, you’ll need a steady source of income for your retirement basics. Think about what your future retirement expenses may be. And ask your financial professional if you need an extra source of dependable income.


Hurdle #4

Making sure your spouse has lifetime income too

It’s never a pleasant subject, but what will your spouse be able to count on for lifetime income if you die first? An annuity can continue to give your spouse income even after you’re gone – for the rest of his or her life.


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Retirement “paycheck”

Before you launch your retirement journey, play this short video to consider the income sources you'll use for your “paycheck."

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The 4% Retirement Rule Is In Doubt. Will Your Nest Egg Last?

A Wall Street Journal article

A well-established strategy for funding your golden years is no longer foolproof. But there are ways to ensure the income you receive in retirement doesn’t take a big hit—if you’re willing to be flexible.

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