PRODCAT ForeAccumulation

Saving for retirement but worried about market losses?

ForeAccumulation gives you growth potential with no market losses.1

What can you get from ForeAccumulation?

Personalized growth potential

You choose your own interest crediting strategy for growth potential.

Without any market losses

No matter your interest crediting choice, you'll never have market losses.2,3

And a way to help guarantee your legacy4,5

A death benefit option for an additional cost can provide guaranteed growth potential for what you plan to leave behind.

Grow your own way with ForeAccumulation

Grow your own way with ForeAccumulation.

How you choose to grow your money for your retirement is personal. ForeAccumulation offers steady, predictable growth through a competitive fixed rate or a variety of interest crediting strategies for even greater growth potential. Talk to your financial professional to see what makes the most sense for you.

With absolutely zero market losses.

When you buy a ForeAccumulation fixed index annuity, you’re not investing in the stock market. Instead, your growth potential is linked to the performance of an index, like the S&P 500. In other words, your money can potentially go up. But it can never go down due to market performance.1 Watch this video and see how that works.

Plus, you can grow your legacy. Guaranteed.

Available for an additional cost, ForeAccumulation has an Enhanced Death Benefit (EDB) option that provides up to 15 years of 7% guaranteed simple interest growth of your death benefit.4,5 Additionally, the growth of an EDB could help offset the impact RMD withdrawals may have on a contract value.

Watch this video to see how the Enhanced Death Benefit works.

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