PRODCAT SecureFore

Looking for predictable growth?

SecureFore gives you steady, guaranteed growth opportunities with competitive fixed rates.

What do you get from SecureFore?

Fixed growth for one of three time periods.

Earn interest at a fixed rate for 3, 5 or 7 years.

That’s tax-deferred

With tax-deferred growth, your money grows faster.

With no recurring fees

SecureFore has no monthly or annual fees to bog you down.

3 years, 5 years, 7 years

Pick your timeframe for guaranteed growth.

SecureFore gives you predictable growth that’s locked in at a competitive fixed rate for three, five or seven years. Just choose the duration that works best for you and watch your money grow.

Your growth is also tax-deferred.

Your money grows faster with SecureFore because any growth is tax-deferred until you start taking withdrawals.1

Watch this video and see how tax-deferred growth may help you reach your retirement goals.

And you can access your money

SecureFore gives you annual free withdrawals of up to 10%, starting in the second year (except in any year where a full surrender occurs).2 And for life’s unexpected turns, you’ll get even greater access:

  • Should you suffer from a terminal illness, any withdrawal charges will be waived on any portion of the contract value that is withdrawn after the first contract anniversary.3
  • At any time on or after the first contract anniversary, if you become confined to an approved nursing facility for at least 60 consecutive days, withdrawal charges on any portion of the contract value withdrawn will be waived.3

And you can access your money


Ready to add SecureFore to your retirement strategy?

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