Global Atlantic Reinsurance
We are a leading provider of capital, risk and in-force management solutions for retirement and life insurance companies.

Transparent, rapid and responsive

We build long-term partnerships with clients, developing a deep understanding of their unique challenges.

Working side-by-side, we create custom solutions quickly, responsively and with full transparency.

Our team specializes in block, flow and pension risk reinsurance. We have built a strong track record, executing more than $56 billion in transactions.


Capital and risk management solutions

Our customized solutions help clients:

Release capital & improve returns

  • Free up capital to return to shareholders
  • Monetize embedded value and realize capital gains
  • Reallocate capital to organic growth

Manage risk

  • Reduce investment and policyholder behavior risk
  • Mitigate exposure to interest rate risk
  • Manage business mix and capital allocation

Exit non-core businesses

  • Shift focus, capital and resources to core lines
  • Downsize/defease run-off blocks

Reinsure New Business

  • Enhance policyholder rates to drive sales
  • Improve product returns for carrier
  • Maintain presence in distribution channels

Finance acquisitions

  • Secure capital support through block reinsurance
  • Benefit from our product expertise
  • Divest undesired lines of business

A strong financial foundation

Our companies are "A" rated by AM Best with strong balance sheets and consistently strong operating performance.

We have partnered on a large volume of reinsurance transactions with many of the top retirement and life insurance companies in the U.S. and are well capitalized to support your business for the long term.

of top 50 L& A companies have ongoing dialogue with us

annual growth over the past 14 years

years of experience in the reinsurance industry

average transaction size (reserves)

Global Atlantic Reinsurance leadership


Manu Sareen

Head of Reinsurance and M&A
CEO, Global Atlantic Re

During Manu’s time leading the reinsurance effort for Global Atlantic, the company has completed more than $50 billion in reinsurance and M&A deals. Prior to Global Atlantic’s separation, he was a Managing Director in the Goldman Sachs Reinsurance Group (GSRG).


Darryl Herrick

Managing Director, Head of Origination
President, Global Atlantic Re

Darryl is responsible for expanding and broadening Global Atlantic’s institutional client base among the Top- 50 L&A insurance companies in the U.S. Prior to Global Atlantic, he worked as a Partner with C12 Capital Management, a Director at Barclays Capital and Vice President at Goldman Sachs.


Jason Kao

Managing Director,
Head of Pricing

Jason joined the Goldman Sachs Reinsurance Group (GSRG) prior its separation as Global Atlantic. He leads all efforts associated with underwriting and pricing deals and is actively involved in structuring and negotiating transactions.


Jeremy Vessels

Senior Vice President, Head of Deal Executions

Jeremy has been in the annuity and life insurance space for 25 years and was previously Head of Corporate Development at Athene, where he led a number of M&A, reinsurance and PRT transactions.