PRODCAT Fixed Index Annuities

A fixed index annuity (FIA) gives you growth potential for your retirement savings but without down market risk. And some FIAs are designed to give you a lifetime income “paycheck.”

Consider adding an FIA to your retirement strategy if you:

Want growth potential without any market losses.
Are interested in greater growth potential than traditional deposit products.3
Want a source of guaranteed lifetime income for your retirement.

How can your money grow in an FIA?

With a fixed index annuity, there are “fixed” and “index-linked” interest crediting strategies to potentially grow your money. With either type, you’re never actually invested in the market or any index so there’s no risk of any market losses. Instead, your money may grow in an FIA as it earns interest credits through the interest crediting strategy you choose (your financial professional can help you decide).

Here’s more on these two main types of interest crediting strategies:

number one

A fixed interest rate crediting strategy for predictable growth

With this type of strategy, you’ll get a specific percentage of interest credited each period, guaranteed.

number two

An index-based strategy for greater growth potential

With an index-based strategy, you earn interest when the index your strategy is linked to (like the S&P 500®)1 has positive performance.2 The amount of interest you’re credited each period is typically subject to certain limitations or restrictions.

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What’s this about a lifetime “paycheck”?

Certain FIAs give you the ability to grow a source of guaranteed income that you can’t outlive and may even continue to your spouse if you’re the first to pass. FIAs offer different options to help you achieve your income goals, whether you plan to retire in a year or two or retirement is still five years or more off.

How to capture growth potential and protect yourself from loss

For some investors, the fear of loss often outweighs the potential of gain. But did you know there’s a product available that can eliminate market-based losses? Learn how fixed index annuities provide the potential to capture a portion of positive market performance while offering protection from loss.

Here are some more FIA benefits

number one

Greater growth potential than traditional deposit products.3

number two

Tax-deferred growth means your money grows faster.4

number 3

No market losses (meaning no losses to recover from).

number four

Your beneficiaries may get any remaining contract value as a death benefit.

Take a look at our FIAs.

ForeAccumulation II

Offers growth potential with no market losses. Plus, an optional benefit to guarantee the growth of your death benefit.5

ForeIncome II

Features two ways to build a guaranteed “paycheck” you can’t outlive.

Income 150+ SE*

Helps you build a guaranteed “paycheck” more quickly.6 And may provide more money for qualifying health-related expenses.7

*These products are only available through independent producers. Speak with your financial professional to see if any of these products are available to you.

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