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Whether retirement is a few years off or you’re already there, you’ll still want to keep growing your money to do the things you’ve always dreamed of.

Let’s look at four accumulation hurdles and how you might overcome them.

Hurdle #1

Avoiding market losses

As you near and enter retirement, how do you protect your savings from market downturns while still trying to grow your money? Ask your financial professional how annuities or an indexed universal life insurance policy can diversify your retirement strategy and give you growth opportunity. And how fixed annuities can shield you from market losses.

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Hurdle #2

Minimizing the effects of down markets

Market conditions when you retire can have a huge effect on how long your savings will last. But with some adjustments to your retirement strategy, there’s a way to help minimize the damaging effects of down markets — making when you retire matter less. Talk to your financial professional about how fixed annuities and indexed universal life insurance may help.

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Hurdle #3

Low interest rates

In 1984, a five-year CD yield was 12.06%.1,2 And today, fixed interest rates have plummeted. Your financial professional can show you fixed indexed annuity products with rates that may surprise you.

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Hurdle #4

Planning for inflation

Right now, a fast food burger meal may cost you around $7.00 and that’s before you super-size anything. But in 40 years, that same meal may cost you $26.77 due to inflation.3 To keep up with increased living costs when you retire, your money will need to keep up too.


Products for your accumulation strategy

fixed annuities

Gives you fixed, guaranteed growth with no down market risk in one of three timeframes: 3, 5 or 7 years.

fixed index annuity
ForeAccumulation II

Offers growth potential with no market losses. Plus, an optional benefit to guarantee the growth of your death benefit.4

ForeStructured Growth
registered index-linked annuity
ForeStructured Growth

Designed to help you gain control of your retirement savings strategy by balancing growth potential while limiting exposure to losses.

variable annuity
ForeInvestors Choice

Provides personalized, tax-deferred growth potential with access to nearly 100 investment options.

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Fixed index annuities

A fixed index annuity (FIA) provides protection against losses from market volatility and accumulates interest on a tax-deferred basis over a set period.5

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