November is Long-term Care Awareness Month

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    60/40 Portfolio

    Should rising rates lower your expectations?

    Should rising rates lower your expectations when it comes to the performance of a 60/40 portfolio? We look back at 80 years of data to find out.

    Addressing the 3 Cs

    Reframe client conversations around FIAs

    Consumers are sometimes concerned about the cost, complexity, and commitment associated with FIAs. Learn how to shift your clients’ perspectives.

    The right resources

    Prepare for that client meeting with the latest rates, an illustration, or client-ready materials.

    Global Atlantic Consulting workshops

    Based on customized research and developed by industry experts, our programs provide practical ideas to help grow your business.

    Evolving our business, enhancing yours

    We’re evolving how we do business. Our website now offers an improved end-to-end experience and range of resources.

    Innovative products for your clients’ financial goals

    We create innovative, competitive, and practical products that are designed to fit the financial goals of your clients – and help you deliver them the value they expect from their financial professional. Here are just some of the types of products we offer.

    Fixed Index Annuities

    A fixed index annuity (FIA) can give your clients growth potential for their retirement savings but without the risks associated with a down market. And some FIAs are designed to give them guaranteed lifetime income.

    Fixed Annuities

    Our fixed annuities can offer your clients locked-in growth opportunities with competitive fixed rates. We also offer a fixed annuity that offers your clients the opportunity for more money towards qualified long-term care (LTC) expenses.

    Indexed Universal Life Insurance

    Our Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL) polices can offer your clients an income tax-free death benefit, while providing upside accumulation potential with downside protection.

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