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Tired of seeing annual statements in red? Imagine opening your annual statement and not seeing market loss. A fixed index annuity (FIA) helps you accumulate retirement assets without any down-market loss.

Imagine opening an annual statement and not seeing market loss

This illustrative statement can help remove some of the mystery associated with FIAs. See how an FIA can help you participate in market gains while providing protection against market downside.

Alleviating Annuity Anxiety

Knowing the facts about fixed index annuities just might turn concerns about cost, complexity and commitment into comfort, clarity and control!


Get the Facts, Insights and Answers

...that can help you understand how fixed index annuities work—and the role they might play in your retirement planning.

A fixed index annuity or FIA is a long-term savings vehicle that offers tax-deferred potential growth that may be linked to a market index (or indices). FIAs are insurance contracts, not registered securities or stock market investments. You are never invested in the index itself. FIAs typically feature downside market protection which may make them appropriate for people who are unwilling to risk market losses. An FIA may help offset the ups and downs of equities (like mutual funds) in a retirement strategy.

How to capture growth potential and protect yourself from loss

Learn how FIAs provide both growth potential and protection from loss.

Market losses mean zero to you

See how an FIA can protect you from market losses.

Looking for Growth Potential Case Study

This case study illustrates how an FIA provides upside potential and downside protection.

An FIA may be the simple solution to help meet retirement goals.

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