Simplicity and Certainty

To sustain your life in retirement you need to be able to afford the basics. These are your essential needs, and they require income you can count on. ForeCertain, a single-premium income annuity, can provide a reliable income stream simply and certainly using a portion of your savings. You simply pay one premium and receive guaranteed income based on:

  1. When you want the income to start
  2. How long you want it to last – for a set period or your lifetime
  3. If you want the income alone or jointly with a spouse

ForeCertain is solely designed for income. It has no account balance, and there are no fees and charges. Based on how long you live and the income option you elect, the benefits you receive may be more or less than your premium amount.


Retirement is the time to put your hard earned savings to good use in addressing your income needs. Upon purchase, you choose your income option. With a variety of options available, there’s likely one that aligns with your needs. Your financial professional can help you determine which is right for you.

Nine options are available varying by:

  • The duration of income provided
  • Whether income is needed for one or two lives
  • Whether, and what level, of death benefit you want to include 


Since no one truly knows what life has in store for us, ForeCertain contracts include features that can help if you:

  • Have a temporary need to accelerate income
  • Need to change the date you want your income to begin
  • No longer need the income or have a one-time need for at least $5,000

Optional benefits have no charge, but election may lower the amount of income provided.


If you have special circumstances or concerns, you may elect optional benefits that can help you:

  • Keep pace with inflation.
  • Protect your premium amount if you die before you begin receiving income
  • Ensure your annuity benefits are not transferred and remain as you intend today
  • Delay the age at which the IRS requires you to start drawing income from the annuity

Optional benefits have no charge, but election may lower the amount of income provided.


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Talk to your financial professional to learn more about the ForeCertain income annuity and how it can work to help keep you retired.