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After decades of delivering stable returns, the traditional 60/40 mix of stocks and bonds failed in 2022. So far in 2023, the portfolio approach appears to be rebounding. But the real question is what’s next?


The new allocation conversation is about stocks, bonds and how a fixed index annuity might help add some stability to your portfolio!



In a recent Global Atlantic 2023 Retirement Insights Survey of 1,001 investors, Global Atlantic discovered that, following a tumultuous 2022, they have very real concerns about what 2023 holds in store for their portfolios.


are concerned about volatility, recession or high interest 

say portfolio protection is important to them

feel they are adequately protected from a market downturn

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These resources can help you better understand what the new allocation conversation is all about, with some insights into how annuities might offer a fresh approach for adding some certainty to your portfolio.

Rising rates
Should rising rates lower expectations?

Gain insights into the risk to fixed income during a prolonged period of rising rates.

Case Study
Case Study: Meet Emma

See how an alternative approach to asset allocation with a fixed index annuity might help limit losses while providing a guaranteed return.

Future portfolio
What does the portfolio of the future look like?

Learn how alternative approaches to investing may reduce the impact of future volatility.

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