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SecureFore Fixed Annuity Series

The SecureFore series is designed to help you add even more stability and predictability to your fixed annuity strategy by locking in the current crediting rate for an initial period:

  • SecureFore 7 provides a seven-year rate guarantee
  • SecureFore 5 provides a five-year rate guarantee
  • SecureFore 3 provides a three-year rate guarantee

With a guarantee in place on the interest rate for this set period, you have a greater degree of certainty.


The SecureFore series provides:

  • A guaranteed minimum interest crediting rate
  • Access to your money with up to 10% allowed to be withdrawn free of charge each year during the surrender charge period, starting in the second year
  • Full accessibility without penalty after the surrender charge period, which is seven years on SecureFore 7, five years on SecureFore 5, and three years on SecureFore 3

To find out more about our multi-year guarantee fixed annuities, talk with your financial representative.