Income Annuities

What is an Income Annuity?

Shifting from planning to actually living in retirement can be complicated. To retire successfully, you need to ensure that you have enough income to replace your paycheck. A single-premium income annuity, also known as an immediate annuity or deferred income annuity, can provide a reliable income stream using a portion of your savings.


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Much like your employment paycheck, your retirement income must meet two needs. Let’s call them essential needs and lifestyle needs.

Essential needs: This may include shelter, food, transportation, and medical care. To sustain your life in retirement you first need to be able to afford these basic essentials, and they will require income you can count on such as Social Security, a pension or other reliable income source.

Lifestyle needs: Dollars for your lifestyle cover the things that are nice to have, but you could do without them, if necessary. These needs may vary from year to year and can possibly be addressed with one-time withdrawals from savings. They may include activities such as travel, hobbies, entertainment, charitable giving.

An income annuity can be used to supplement your income and help you meet your essential expenses, lifestyle expenses, or both. An income annuity can also act as bridge if you choose to delay taking income from other sources.



Income Annuity Product



ForeCertain is a single-premium income annuity, which in basic terms means it’s a product that converts an amount of savings into a guaranteed income stream based on three things: when you want the income to start, how long you want it to last — for a set period, your lifetime, or a combination of the two — and if you want the income alone or jointly with another, typically a spouse.

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