Fixed Index Annuities

Upside potential with protection from market volatility

Fixed index annuities are designed for people who want the potential to earn higher interest rates than they would through traditional bank products,1 but who are uncomfortable with exposure to market volatility.


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What is a fixed index annuity?

A fixed index annuity (FIA) is an insurance product that provides protection against losses from market volatility and accumulates interest on a tax-deferred2 basis in one of two ways:

  1. A fixed rate strategy in which a specific, consistent percent of interest is credited each period
  2. An index-based strategy in which the interest-crediting potential is tied, in part, to the performance of one or more market indices,3 such as the S&P 500®4 and the credited rate is typically subject to certain limitations or restrictions. You are not invested in the index

Typically, FIAs are best-suited for those who are:

  • Unwilling to risk market losses
  • Frustrated with the limited growth potential of traditional bank products
  • Uncomfortable with stock market volatility

As today’s retirees live longer and healthier lives, it is not a stretch of the imagination to believe that you could spend nearly as much time in retirement as you did in the work force. But as you consider what to do with all that free time, you also have to consider how you will pay for it. You can make choices now to help protect yourself in the future.

Among their many benefits, fixed index annuities typically:

  • Offer greater interest crediting potential than traditional interest crediting products1 since crediting is linked to any positive performance of an index, such as the S&P 500®, subject to a cap or spread5
  • Help protect your principal when index performance is negative by eliminating market losses6
  • Offer multiple methods of interest crediting options to choose from
  • Offer a variety of traditional and enhanced payout options for retirement income
  • Accrue interest tax-deferred
  • Help create a legacy with death benefit proceeds



Fixed Index Annuities Products



ForeIncome fixed index annuity goes beyond the traditional interest crediting and protection benefits of a basic fixed index annuity, offering the features of a traditional fixed index annuity along with an available income benefit known as Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit (GLWB).

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ForeAccumulation fixed index annuity offers the traditional protection of a fixed index annuity along with an earnings opportunity through an accumulation feature known as a Guaranteed Minimum Accumulation Value (GMAV).7

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Income 150+

Income 150+ fixed index annuity offers benefits to help you generate income for retirement. Income is driven by a unique value within the contract that is separate from the contract value, known as the Income Base. The Income Base receives guaranteed growth before income starts, so that your income can grow more predictably. The guaranteed growth applies only to the Income Base. Contract Value is not guaranteed to grow. This product offers three income boosts broken out at issue and at the start of years 3 and 5.8

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Choice Accumulation

Choice Accumulation fixed index annuity offers the features of a traditional fixed index annuity and also includes a Guaranteed Minimum Accumulation Value (GMAV). With Choice Accumulation, you won’t experience market-based losses, regardless of market performance.6

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Choice Income

Choice Income fixed index annuity offers the features of a traditional fixed index annuity along with an available Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit (GLWB). This benefit includes a choice of Withdrawal Base growth options. Choice Income also offers a Guaranteed Minimum Surrender Value (GMSV)9, which may increase your contract value upon surrender, after the withdrawal charge period but terminates on the GLWB Activation Date.

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