Lifetime Foundation ELITE

A Simple Foundation with a Guarantee

Lifetime Foundation ELITE is a permanent life insurance product that provides simple, affordable, secure coverage. Assuming minimum premium requirements have been met, the death benefit of the policy is guaranteed up to the earlier of age 90, or 40 years depending on the insured's underwriting class. Knowing that your life insurance policy will be around when your dependents need it is important. Lifetime Foundation ELITE has you covered.


A simple, affordable, secure foundation for life

With an easy to understand approach, Lifetime Foundation ELITE enables you to tailor your life insurance policy to address your financial objectives now and in the future. Regardless of the stage of life you’re in, you can provide financial security for your loved ones.

Lifetime Foundation ELITE provides…

A simple foundation with a GUARANTEE
Lifetime Foundation ELITE offers a simple approach to life insurance, with a death benefit guarantee.

Affordable long-term PROTECTION
Payment of the required minimum premium keeps Lifetime Foundation ELITE in force through the death benefit guarantee period. The death benefit guarantee period is based on the insured’s underwriting class and issue age.

At the end of the guarantee period, the non-guaranteed cash values extend the life of the policy.

A secure foundation for INTEREST CREDITING
Lifetime Foundation ELITE calculates and credits interest based in part on the upward movement of a major stock market index, subject to certain limitations such as caps, strategy expense charges and participation rates.

This may give you greater potential for growth, particularly in a low-interest-rate environment, compared to traditional universal life policies in which the insurance company declares the interest rate.

Product Highlights

product detail
  • An affordable premium that will provide you a substantial death benefit guarantee to the earlier of age 90, or 40 years depending on the insured's underwriting class*

  • A product design that allows for an elimination of policy charges after 90, on a current, nonguaranteed basis, making it easier to keep your life insurance for the long-term **

  • The ability to achieve cost of insurance discounts and lower overall cumulative premiums with the Wellness for Life® Rider

  • Includes additional riders and features that allow for customization to meet your objectives

* For non-tobacco, standard or better, ages 50-80
** For issue ages up to and including 75

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Simple. Affordable. Secure.

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