Lifetime Builder ELITE

Give yourself the choices, flexibility and potential growth that life demands

Lifetime Builder ELITE provides an income tax-free death benefit to help create financial security for your loved ones in the event of your death. It also offers the potential to accumulate greater cash values over the life of the policy than other fixed-interest permanent insurance products. It enables you to customize your policy to suit your individual circumstances as you protect your family, save for retirement and plan for the future. Lifetime Builder ELITE is built for Life.


Introducing the indexed universal life insurance option built to meet your life’s needs

Lifetime Builder Elite is built to help you meet your specific needs. This new generation of indexed universal life insurance is…

Built to be flexible:
Lifetime Builder Elite is the next generation in indexed universal life (IUL) insurance, providing a cost-effective option for death benefit protection while offering the opportunity for significant interest crediting potential. Plus, Lifetime Builder Elite includes many features that allow for customization and adaptability to your circumstances and objectives.

Built for choice:
3 Death Benefit Options
3 Policy Loans Options
6 Indexed Interest Crediting Strategies for cash accumulation potential

Built for growth:
As an indexed universal life insurance policy, Lifetime Builder Elite calculates and credits interest based, in part, on the upward movement of major stock market indices. Certain limitations, such as caps and participation rates, are then applied to the upward movement to determine your actual credited interest.

Product Highlights

product detail
  • Provides three death benefit options for your protection needs

  • Guaranteed 1% Account Value Enhancement beginning at the end of Policy Year 5

  • An 11-month strategy option

  • Includes additional riders and features that allow for customization to meet your objectives

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Lifetime Builder ELITE is Built for Life.

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