Ready to give your policy a boost?

A booster rocket adds thrust to your takeoff. An extra dose of vitamin C boosts your immunity. In much the same way, the Wellness for Life® rider empowers you to give your policy a boost with Wellness for Life Rewards®.

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Get to Know Wellness for Life Rewards®

When you purchase a Global Atlantic life insurance policy, you automatically qualify for Wellness for Life, and there is no charge for this rider.

You earn Rewards in the form of discounts on your cost of insurance if you visit the doctor at least every other year. You earn greater Rewards — meaning you can save even more — if you also maintain your weight within a range determined when you buy the policy.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

This is all you need to do to earn your Rewards:

  1. Schedule a physical with your doctor.1
  2. Take the Wellness for Life form with you and ask your doctor to complete and sign it.
  3. Return the form to us.2

Visiting your doctor will never result in an increase in your policy charges.

Here are the rewards you can qualify for:

LEVEL 1 Rewards – You receive a discount on your insurance costs simply by going to the doctor for a physical.

LEVEL 2 Rewards – You receive greater discounts on your cost of insurance by going to the doctor and maintaining your weight within a reasonable range.

You’re never asked to lose weight to add the Wellness for Life rider! The range determined at policy issue always includes your current weight. As long as you maintain your weight within that range, you qualify for Level 2 Rewards.

Curious what your weight range would be? Find out using our Weight-Range Finder below.

Your boost gets bigger over time

Your Rewards (cost of insurance discounts) begin in policy year 3. Your discounts can become more significant over time as we boost your Rewards further by using a multiplier that increases with the age of your policy.3


Wellness for Life Weight-Range Finder

If you're interested in earning Level 2 Wellness for Life Rewards® and saving even more on your cost of insurance - answer just 4 simple questions to see your potential weight range.

What difference could Wellness for Life make?*

Julia, age 47

Preferred, Non-tobacco underwriting class.

By age 77, Julia is projected to have earned a non-guaranteed total of $6,446 in Level 1 Rewards.

Oliver, age 42

Premier, Non-tobacco underwriting class.

By age 72, Oliver's Level 1 Rewards are projected to total $4,479 on a non-guaranteed basis.

Paula, age 53

Standard, Non-tobacco underwriting class.

Paula's non-guaranteed Level 1 Rewards are projected to total $21,303 after 30 years.

Give your policy a boost

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