Income 150+ SE

“Boost” your way to guaranteed retirement income

(Income 150+ is only available through independent producers. Speak with your financial professional to see if this product is available to you.)

Income 150+ fixed index annuity offers benefits to help you generate income for retirement and provide additional income opportunities for the unpredictable. Early “income boosts”1 can grow your income more predictably, while another benefit can provide double income for a qualifying healthcare need.2

Grow your retirement income

Grow your retirement income.

Grow your Withdrawal Base early and often

With Income 150+, you can grow your income by steady, predictable amounts in the early years.3 Your Withdrawal Base is a numerical value used to calculate your retirement income. Before taking retirement income, the Withdrawal Base grows by guaranteed amounts known as “Income Boosts”,1 which actually begin with a day one 20% bonus. The bonuses in years 2-5 add another 7.5% annually. If income is delayed until year 10, you’ll get an additional bonus equal to 150% of all of the interest credits you’ve earned for the first nine years of your annuity contract, adjusted for withdrawals.

Income 150+ also features the Income Enhancement Benefit.2 This built-in benefit, at no additional cost, provides you with additional income should you face a healthcare need and are certified by a healthcare professional as being unable to perform at least two of the six Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).4 With this benefit, your guaranteed annual income amount will be doubled for up to five years.5 Once the income enhancement benefit ends, your income continues at the original guaranteed amount.


Product Highlights

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  • Five early income boosts to the Withdrawal Base

  • An additional 150% income boost if income is delayed until year 10

  • A predictable, retirement income stream that you can’t outlive

  • Down market protection

  • Additional income for a healthcare need

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Get guaranteed income with the benefit of “boosts”

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