Take advantage of a Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit

ForeIncome goes beyond the traditional interest crediting and protection benefits of a basic fixed index annuity, offering the features of a traditional fixed index annuity along with an available income benefit known as Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit (GLWB). 

Social Security

Social Security may only cover about 40% of your pre-retirement income.*

ForeIncome provides an opportunity for retirement income you can’t outlive

ForeIncome fixed index annuity provides the traditional features of a fixed index annuity along with an available Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit (GLWB).  This benefit includes a choice of two Withdrawal Base1 growth options – 10% with no interest credits added or 7.5% plus an additional dollar amount of interest credits annually, minus any withdrawals.2,3

In addition, ForeIncome offers a Guaranteed Minimum Surrender Value (GMSV)4 which has the potential to increase contract value but terminates on the GLWB activation date. If the GLWB is not activated, it can also serve as a minimum death benefit.
ForeIncome also offers a variety of interest crediting options from which to choose. Refer to the Interest Crediting Methods brochure below. 

With ForeIncome you receive accumulation of earnings on a tax-deferred basis, guaranteed protection against market losses,3 the opportunity to capitalize on positive movement of an index and the dependability of a built-in guaranteed withdrawal benefit — for future income you can’t outlive.


Product Highlights

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  • A predictable, retirement income stream that you can’t outlive

  • Accumulation of earnings on a tax-deferred basis

  • The opportunity to capitalize on positive movement of an equity index or multi-asset index

  • Guaranteed protection against market losses

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Case Study Content

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Paying for the basics for as long as you live

Meet Naomi, a 57-year-old professional book editor who tends to look at her life as chapters in a story. When it comes to retirement, chapter one is now: this is when she’s planning to make sure she’ll have enough income for her basic retirement expenses, such as utilities and groceries. Although she’s planning on using Social Security for her essentials, she knows it won’t be enough. Naomi looked at how she might build her assets for her essential retirement expenses and how to make that money last. View this case study to learn the choices Naomi made. Read the Income for Essentials case study