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Build a “Retirement Paycheck” for Life

ForeIncome fixed index annuity (FIA) goes beyond the traditional crediting and protection benefits of a basic FIA. With two ways to help grow your lifetime income including a way to keep growing income while in retirement – ForeIncome can offer you a dependable source of retirement income that will last as long as you do.1

Choose how you want to grow your retirement income

With ForeIncome you have the opportunity to grow your Withdrawal Base – the value used to help determine the amount of your future income – with two benefit options. 2, 3

OPTION 1: The Guaranteed Income Builder Benefit
With the Guaranteed Income Builder Benefit option, the Withdrawal Base grows by a guaranteed 8% roll-up, also known as Deferral Bonus, every year before you start to receive income.4 This annual growth will continue as long as you wait to receive income.

OPTION 2: The Income Multiplier Benefit
With the Income Multiplier Benefit option, the growth of your Withdrawal Base is linked to the interest credited to your contract value through either a fixed or index-based crediting strategy. So – before taking income, your Withdrawal Base will receive two times the amount of interest credits your contract value may earn.5 After you start your income, your Withdrawal Base will receive one times the amount of interest credits your contact value earns, during a bonus period.5

ForeIncome also offers a variety of interest crediting options to help grow your contact value. The contract value, less any applicable charges, is the surrender value, which is the money you can walk away with should you decide to cancel, or “surrender” the annuity.6 Talk to your financial professional about the interest crediting options available to you.

With ForeIncome you receive accumulation of earnings on a tax-deferred basis, guaranteed protection against market losses, the opportunity to capitalize on positive movement of an equity index or multi-asset index and the dependability of a built-in guaranteed withdrawal benefit — for future income you can’t outlive.


Product Highlights

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  • A predictable, retirement income stream that you can’t outlive1

  • Accumulation of earnings on a tax-deferred basis

  • The opportunity to capitalize on positive movement of an equity index or multi-asset index

  • Down market protection

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Looking to build a predictable, lifetime income stream for retirement?

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Rising to the challenges of retirement

Meet Drew. Later this year, Drew will retire from his long-time employer. To help replace part of his income, he’s already earmarked a portion of his mutual fund portfolio for essential expenses. But at age 67, Drew knows there are some challenges he’ll need to address. Things like longevity, inflation, and market downturns may determine whether his money lasts as long as he does. Is there a way for Drew to guarantee lifetime income AND potentially grow that income while in retirement?

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