Does your retirement strategy include long-term care?

ForeCare is an innovative fixed annuity with long-term care benefits that provides funds for qualified long-term care expenses. With a ForeCare fixed annuity, you can help fortify your retirement finances against the unexpected.


7 in 10 people age 65+ will need long-term care.*

What is long-term care insurance? Can a long-term care annuity be a better option?
To self-fund your long-term care costs, you may have money set aside in savings or investments, but by using this approach you might sacrifice growth opportunities or risk exposure to equity market volatility. To address this, many people turn to traditional long-term care insurance; however, typically if you do not use the coverage, you lose the money and it can be quite costly. To see what options are available to help pay for long-term care expenses – watch this video.

Benefits of a ForeCare fixed annuity
ForeCare is a fixed annuity that provides a guaranteed minimum interest rate, principal protection and 2x/3x contract value1,3 for qualified long-term care expenses.2

Long-term care benefits
Unlike a traditional long-term care product, with ForeCare, any contract value not used for long-term care expenses can be passed to your beneficiaries as a death benefit. However, there is a monthly cost associated with the long-term care benefits rider, which is based on the insured’s issue age.

Taking a closer look at ForeCare’s benefits
  • Principal protection – Your contract value at month-end is never reduced below the contract value at the prior month-end (less any applicable withdrawals) due to the cost for the long-term care benefits rider.
  • Tax advantages – Qualified long-term care withdrawals are typically federal income tax-free and your contract growth is tax-deferred.2
  • 2x/3x coverage – Provides double or triple the amount of the contract value1 for qualified long-term care expenses.3
  • Joint Benefit –Provides qualifying spouses with a joint benefit for long-term care needs. The joint benefit allows both couples to take withdrawals for LTC care needs either simultaneously or separately if and when long-term care is needed.

Product Highlights

product detail
  • 2x – 3x contract value for qualified long-term care expenses3

  • Principal protection (less any applicable withdrawals)

  • Tax-deferred growth

  • Typically federal income tax-free dollars for qualified long-term care expenses

  • Guaranteed minimum interest rate

  • Contract value is passed on to beneficiaries through a death benefit

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Case Studies

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Meet Clara and Wade. In sickness and in health, that’s the vow they made to each other 45 years ago. Now that they’re 70, they’ve realized they may need some help should one of them suffer an illness, injury, or other disability. Read this case study to learn how Clara and Wade evaluated their options and created a long-term care strategy to meet their needs. Read about Clara and Wade’s long-term care strategy