ForeAccumulation II

Grow your retirement nest egg AND leave a legacy

ForeAccumulation fixed index annuity (FIA) provides you with the opportunity to grow your money while knowing you’ll never experience decreases from poor market performance. With the optional Enhanced Death Benefit (EDB) you can also leave a legacy to your beneficiary – guaranteed.1


The percentage of Baby Boomers feeling extremely or very confident they will have enough money to last throughout retirement has declined significantly to 27%.3

An accumulation strategy with no down market risk

With ForeAccumulation you can personalize your retirement growth potential through a variety of interest crediting options. For steady, predictable growth you can choose a competitive fixed rate. If you are looking for more growth potential, you can select from a number of index-linked interest crediting strategies. Talk to your financial advisor about the interest crediting options available to you.

Whichever you choose, rest assured you cannot lose money due to poor market performance.2 Because you are not actually purchasing shares of any index or other market investment – you are not subject to the volatility of any markets.

The optional Enhanced Death Benefit (EDB) is separate from your contract value and provides steady and predictable growth toward your death benefit.1 Each year, your EDB grows by a guaranteed 7% of premium for up to 15 years.4 After your passing, your beneficiary either gets the EDB or your contract value as a death benefit – whichever is greater. If you don’t elect the EDB option, your contract value will pass on to your beneficiary after your death, guaranteed.

With ForeAccumulation, you receive accumulation of earnings on a tax-deferred basis, the reliability of guaranteed protection against market losses, the opportunity to capitalize on positive movement of an index and the option to leave a legacy behind for your loved ones.


Product Highlights

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  • The opportunity to personalize your growth potential based on your retirement goals

  • Protection against market-based losses, regardless of market performance2

  • The option of an Enhanced Death Benefit for leaving behind a legacy – guaranteed1

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Personalize your growth potential

Speak to your financial advisor about ForeAccumulation today.

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