Will your income last through retirement?

In order to begin to determine whether (or not) the income streams you’re planning to rely on will last through retirement, you need to understand the obstacles that can arise along the way. Financial challenges can include making your money last as long as you do, keeping up with rising costs and helping to shield your investments against market declines. At Global Atlantic, we design financial products to help you navigate these challenges.

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Understanding Income

As you consider strategies for generating income in retirement, it’s important to understand how your expenses break down. At the highest level, there are two categories — essential expenses and lifestyle expenses — and your income strategy should take both into account.



Essential Expenses

  • Food

  • Shelter

  • Transportation

  • Medical Care

Lifestyle Expenses

  • Travel

  • Hobbies

  • Entertainment

  • Charitable Giving

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Global Atlantic offers many options to help you pursue your income goals.

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