Building your savings to — and through — retirement

“When can I retire?” That’s the first question that comes to mind when most people think about planning for retirement. The focus is usually on “How much will I need?” But retirement is not a finish line — it’s a milestone along the way, and there are many challenges to take into account. We know this, and that’s why we design our annuity and life insurance products the way we do — to help you meet the “to” and “through” retirement challenges.

"For me, time and money are very similar. I try to make the best of both."

Retirement Challenges

It’s important to consider not only what you need to get to retirement but to get through retirement as well.
Here are just a few of the issues your “through-retirement” plan needs to address:

  • Interest rates

  • Inflation

  • Market swings

  • Increased life expectancy

Addressing your retirement challenges
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Global Atlantic offers many options to help you pursue your accumulation goals.

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