ForeStructured Growth Registered Index-Linked Annuity (RILA)

Gain perspective. Gain potential. Gain control.

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ForeStructured Growth is a registered index-linked annuity that is designed to help clients gain control by balancing upside potential while limiting exposure to losses.



Gain perspective


The economic challenges of low interest rates, market volatility and rising inflation are concerning for many retirees.

  • Low interest rates may not even keep pace with rising inflation
  • Market risk may exceed their tolerance for losses


Gain potential


ForeStructured Growth RILA offers clients meaningful growth potential, greater than what is currently provided through traditional fixed income options.

  • Choose from among 25 crediting strategies utilizing multiple strategy indices, including:
    • Three exclusive index strategies from recognized asset management firms
    • Tiered Participation Rate and Buffer strategy, designed to accelerate growth potential and absorb a set percentage of downside
    • A One-Year Fixed strategy designed to credit a fixed interest rate not linked in any way to an equity index
  • Opportunity designed to lock in growth or limit losses using the Performance Lock feature


Gain control


Help clients gain control by balancing upside potential while limiting exposure to losses.

  • Multiple protection options available to help mitigate losses.
  • Unique Adaptive Floor Strategy designed to offer the opportunity to incrementally lock-in value over time while expanding the growth potential and limiting downside exposure.1

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Indices are not available for direct investment.

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