ForeCare fixed annuity with long-term care benefits

More care.

More convenience.

More control.

Products and product features are subject to state and firm variations and availability. Contact your back office or the Global Atlantic sales desk for product availability.

More care: 2x to 3X more money for qualified long-term care expenses.1,2

ForeCare combines the traditional features of fixed annuities – with additional benefits available for qualified long-term care (LTC) costs. These long-term care benefits can offer your clients a simple way to help address the most serious threat to their retirement savings — the high likelihood of needing long-term care services.

More convenience: A streamlined application process

With no medical exam needed, the average ForeCare application process typically takes just 30 minutes on the phone. Your clients simply need to meet the height and weight requirements and answer questions about their medical history to find out if they qualify. Applicants may be asked to participate in a simple memory and logic exercise via a 15-minute phone call. 94% of applicants have been approved for ForeCare3 and approvals usually arrive on the same day.

More control: Your client decides when and how to receive care.

Whether your client wants to receive in-home care or at an assisted living community, ForeCare affords them more control to choose the best option for them. And unlike a traditional long-term care product, with ForeCare, any remaining contract value not used for long-term care expenses (or withdrawn for other purposes) can be passed to beneficiaries as a death benefit.

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