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Sales playbooks

Provide your clients with a roadmap to success

Our comprehensive, step-by-step playbooks help you position our annuity products and provide the right tools and resources to help your clients reach their goals. From accumulation to long-term care, explore the playbooks you need to get started.

Product playbooks contain a variety of materials including:

Educational Tools
Customer Story
Rate Flyers
Illustration Samples
Illustration Tools
Product Highlights

Annuities playbooks

Accumulation playbooks

Accumulation playbooks

Offer your clients greater growth potential with down market protection.

ForeAccumulation playbook

Share how a ForeAccumulation II fixed index annuity can give your clients growth potential without any worrisome down-market losses.

ForeStructured Growth playbook

Explore our resources to show your clients how a ForeStructured Growth (RILA) can fit into their retirement strategies.

Income playbooks

Income playbooks

Show your clients the way to add protected lifetime income to their strategy.

Income 150+ playbook

Show your clients who want income sooner how they can use a portion of their portfolio to add guaranteed income boosts for lifetime income growth.

Income Multiplier Benefit playbook

Use these resources to show your clients how they can access the certainty of protected lifetime income that has the potential to rise.

Guaranteed Income Builder Benefit playbook

Share these resources with your clients to illustrate how they can gain the certainty of guaranteed lifetime income growth.

Legacy playbooks

Legacy playbooks

Give your clients a way to guarantee the growth of their beneficiary benefit.

Enhanced Death Benefit RMD-friendly playbook

Start the conversation with your clients about how they overcome RMDs to leave a lasting legacy.**

Enhanced Death Benefit playbook for qualified/non-qualified funds

Use these resources to show your clients how they could use a portion of their portfolio to leave more money behind for their loved ones.**

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