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Global Atlantic is continually evolving to improve your overall experience, with new enhancements and functionality regularly added to our website. Our focus is on delivering features and fixes to provide easy access to what you want, where and how you want it.

We're dedicated to creating a seamless digital experience for our business partners. Features such as document upload and process automation will accelerate new business application and delivery. New online functionality also provides transparency into new business and appointment status. Firm launch dates vary and will be communicated separately as they take effect. 


Here’s what you need to know about what's new at Global Atlantic: 

Effective June 5, 2023, we are accepting SecureFore applications by eApplication only

We’re excited about this next step in our digital journey at Global Atlantic to help streamline the processing of your SecureFore applications. This enhancement is one of many we have made to be a more digitally focused organization. Several of you already use your firm’s eApplication tool and know the benefits. If you haven’t submitted an eApplication yet, please check with your firm for details about using its eApplication tool.

View transition guidelines here.

If your firm doesn’t have an eApplication tool, learn about our eApplication tool SnapApp.

Digital enhancements - see what's new


Digital enhancements - see what's new


On the Global Atlantic website, you will find the tools you need to enhance your business. Here's a closer look at changes we've made:


  • Single sign on (SSO): Financial professionals can view and manage business on our new servicing website and MyView with a single login. This is accessible via the log in prompt for financial professionals with business on both platforms. SSO is not available to users with delegated access such as assistants, support staff, and back-office personnel.
  • Online notifications: New business notifications are available for Financial Professionals to add to their Dashboard. These can be accessed by using the “Manage Dashboard” feature. Notifications include date and timestamps to allow visibility into the new business process.
  • Document upload: Financial professionals can easily and securely upload supporting documentation from their dashboard and book of business.
  • Statement redesign: Annual statements for contract holders on our new servicing website were redesigned to provide a streamlined experience, user-friendly format, and promote the option to go digital.
  • Enhanced navigation: The improved navigation on globalatlantic.com/professionals will provide a simplified, user-friendly experience, to better serve you.
  • Additional resources: Sales ideas, product information, marketing material, tools, rates and calculators are there when you need them.



Still have questions? Learn more about our new login experience and digital tools by watching these instructional videos.

Using SSO to easily access your book of business


Using SSO to easily access your book of business


This website is your destination to access your book of business, regardless of platform: 

  • If you have not yet registered on our website and your firm is live, please visit the registration page to create a login and password.  

  • If you have already registered on our website, you have access to the new platform as well as all existing inforce business, with a single login.  

  • SSO is not available to users with delegated access such as assistants, support staff, and back-office personnel. These users should continue to login separately to access MyView.

  • Although we have launched our new SSO experience to make things easier, we will not be executing any system conversions for existing business or consolidating inforce policies into one view. SSO will simplify your login experience, however, you will still need to navigate to the appropriate dashboard to view and service your business.  


eDelivery speeds access to the information you and your clients need

Register to unlock the benefits of an online account

When you create an online account with Global Atlantic, you’ll gain immediate access to the resources, tools, and information you need to grow your business. From a customizable dashboard and 24/7 access to your book of business to easy-to-run illustrations and license and appointment information, you can start seeing the benefits of an online account right away.

Be sure to encourage your clients to register and opt into eDelivery during the new business process as well. It’s secure, fast, and convenient.

Optimize your support by delegating access to staff

Optimize your support by delegating access to staff


Do you rely on support staff to help monitor and manage your applications and policies? Once registered on the new administration platform, you may add support staff as delegates to help manage the business. You may invite multiple delegates to accommodate larger staffs and help ensure coverage. Delegates who support multiple financial professionals will maintain separate accounts for each.


To add and remove delegates, first login, then under “Manage My Business,” select the option for pending or inforce policies, beginning with A through E. Once in the servicing dashboard, go to My Account to manage your delegates.

Popular products leverage new technology

Popular products leverage new technology 


Once your firm launches, new business for our fixed rate annuities (MYGA) and fixed index annuities will take advantage of new digital capabilities, including greater transparency of application and policy status, as well as e-delivery. 


Expanded product suite; NAIC training available


We are expanding our comprehensive line of annuity offerings. As firms go live, where approved, you will gain access to ForeStructured Growth, our new registered index-linked annuity, as well as the Income 150+ fixed index annuity and its powerful early income benefits. Product launches will be communicated separately based on firm approval and launch dates. 


NAIC training can be completed through RegEd (or through another approved online vendor). 


RegEd product codes: 

  • ForeStructured Growth: FORESTRUCTURED 

  • Income 150+: INC150 


Currently ForeStructured Growth is not approved in the following states: NJ, OR, UT, WA. 

Streamlined contact for your service needs

Streamlined contact for your service needs


For use by financial professionals at firms that are live on the new platform, we have implemented a single address for new business submissions, as well as a new, single phone number for your needs, from sales support to inforce status, and everything in between.

The changes will be rolled out in phases over the course of the coming months. Firm launch dates vary and will be communicated separately as they take effect.

For correspondence regarding pre-existing post issue policies, you will continue to use the current post-issue contact information below. 

Post-issue correspondence

Block of Business

Policies Starting with "A, B or C"

Policies Starting with "5, 6, 7, or 8"

Policies Starting with "2"

Phone Number

(833) ASK-GA4U
(833) 275-4248

(833) ASK-GA4U
(833) 275-4248

(833) ASK-GA4U
(833) 275-4248

Fax Number

(855) 299-0104

(785) 286-6104

(785) 286-6104

Email Submission Address




Regular Address

123 Town Square Place, PMB711 
Jersey City, NJ 07310

PO Box 758507 
Topeka, KS 66675-8507

PO Box 246 
Batesville, IN 47006

Overnight Address

123 Town Square Place, PMB711 
Jersey City, NJ 07310

Mail Zone 507, 5801 SW 6th Avenue 
Topeka, KS 66636

One Forethought Center 
Batesville, IN 47006


Check back for regular updates on new features


New enhancements and functionality will regularly be added to our website to ensure your business needs are being met. This page will be your destination for information regarding the newest updates, as well as upcoming features.

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