Global Atlantic Product Training

If you’re selling annuities in a state that has adopted the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) model regulation, you’ll need to meet certain training requirements.

Here’s how to get started:

Visit the RegEd training platform and follow the steps to register. Make sure you indicate the state(s) you’ll be selling annuities in. If you are already registered, log in and get started.

Once you’re logged in, scroll to the Carrier-Specific Product Training section.

Input the correct product code for the training you want to take. Consult the chart below to find the course name and product code for your training.

Click ‘Proceed’ to start. The presentation should begin.

Once complete, pass the knowledge check and print out or save your certificate.

Already registered? Start training right away.

Product RegEd code Course Name
Product, RegEd code and Course Name
ForeAccumulation II and ForeIncome II ALLFIA2 18Forethought_1
ForeAccumulation II and ForeIncome II - Truist ALLFIA2NALT2 18Forethought_5
ForeCertain ForeCertain 16Forethought11
ForeCare FTFCARE 13Forethought_5
SecureFore SecureForeAll 16Forethought_10
ForeInvestors Choice FTForeChoice 15Forethought_8
ChoiceAccumulation II Edge EASCHOICEACC 20Forethought_1
Income 150+ SE INC150 22Forethought_1
ForeStructured Growth FORESTRUCTURED 22Forethought_2

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