ForeIncome II fixed index annuity with optional Guaranteed Income Builder Benefit

Consistent 12% growth to the Withdrawal Base for up to ten years

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Guaranteed income growth OR greater income growth potential? Your client’s choice.

With a ForeIncome fixed index annuity (FIA) you can help your clients build a "retirement paycheck for life" with two options to secure guaranteed lifetime income.

Option 1: Select the Guaranteed Income Builder Benefit to give clients consistent 12% growth (of their initial premium adjusted for withdrawals) added to their Withdrawal Base every year until the earlier of 10 years or when they start taking income.1,2,5


Option 2: Select the Income Multiplier Benefit to give clients steady income with growth potential – even during retirement. Prior to income activation, your client can get 1.25X any earned interest credits added to their Withdrawal Base.5 Once they decide to take income – they can continue to get 1.25X any earned interest credits to their Withdrawal Base. 1,3,5


No matter which option your client chooses, they will be protected from down-market losses4, which means less to worry about. In addition, ForeIncome offers added flexibility when clients need to access their money, including the option to delay selecting single or joint lifetime income until they begin receiving their income payments.

Note: At contract issue, contract owners must elect between the Guaranteed Income Benefit Builder with an annual fee of 1.20%, or the Income Multiplier Benefit with an annual fee of 1.05%.

Planning for the Unexpected

Double your income for a healthcare setback.

At no added cost, ForeIncome includes the Income Enhancement Benefit that will double your client’s guaranteed annual income amount for up to five years if they are unable to perform two or more Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).6,7 ADLs are things like eating, bathing or simply getting dressed.

Getting the care they need can be expensive. But even when they're down, this built-in feature can help keep their retirement journey on track.

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Linked Indices

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Indices are not available for direct investment.

Crediting Strategies

When considering a fixed index annuity, it is important to evaluate all of the product’s available interest crediting strategies to determine which strategy – or combination of strategies – works best for your client’s retirement goals.



Crediting methods and indices are subject to state availability and variations.

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