Your clients have specific retirement goals

Whether it’s options for accumulating savings, generating lifetime income, preparing for long-term care expenses, or planning to leave a legacy – our wide range of annuity products can help your clients achieve their most important retirement goals.

These products are subject to state and firm variations and availability. Contact your back office or the Global Atlantic sales desk for product availability.

Fixed Index Annuities

With a fixed index annuity, there are “fixed” and “index-linked” interest crediting strategies to potentially grow your clients’ money. With either type, they are never actually invested in the market or any index so there’s no risk of any market losses. And many include ways to build a source of lifetime income.


  • Greater growth potential than traditional deposit products1
  • No stock market losses
  • Tax-deferred growth potential

ForeAccumulation II

Offers growth potential with no market losses plus an option to guarantee the growth of a death benefit.2

ForeIncome II

Features two options, available for an additional fee, to help clients build a guaranteed “paycheck” they can’t outlive.

Income 150+ SE

Offers your clients early income “boosts” to the withdrawal base to help them build guaranteed income more quickly.5 And may provide more money for qualifying health-related expenses.3,4

Fixed Annuities

The “fixed” in “fixed annuities” refers to the fixed rate of interest your client’s money will earn, giving them predictable growth – without the risk of market losses. And some fixed annuities may give them the opportunity for more money for long-term care (LTC) expenses.


  • Competitive interest rates
  • Predictable growth
  • No stock market exposure
  • Tax-deferred growth


Multiplies a contract value by two to three times for qualifying long-term care (LTC) expenses. 6


Offers a fixed, guaranteed growth rate with no down-market risk in one of three timeframes: 3, 5 or 7 years.7

Registered Index-Linked Annuity

A registered index-linked annuity (RILA) provides the opportunity to receive interest credits based on the performance of the Index Strategy your clients choose. It also provides certain risk-mitigation strategies that are designed to enable your clients to allocate their premium in a way that aligns with their appetite for growth potential and risk tolerance.


  • Meaningful upside potential
  • Risk reduction designed to help clients align with their objectives
  • Flexibility among a choice of interest crediting strategies

ForeStructured Growth

Offers buffers, floors and caps in combination with 25 interest crediting strategies to help you define your clients’ preferred levels of growth potential and risk-reduction.

Income Annuity

It’s in the name: an income annuity can give your clients a steady income for their basic expenses, like food and housing costs – and can start immediately or be deferred to a later date.


  • Guaranteed income – for life or for a set period
  • Income now or income later
  • Income may continue to your spouse after you die


Gives flexibility for immediate or deferred guaranteed income for life or a set period.

Variable Annuity

A variable annuity (VA) may give your clients greater, tax-deferred growth8 potential than other types of annuities, which may help them keep up with rising expenses, based on the performance of the professionally managed investment options. And, VAs can provide a death benefit to help them leave a legacy to beneficiaries.9


  • Greatest growth potential annuity
  • Choose from multiple investment options
  • Tax-deferred growth

ForeInvestors Choice

Give your clients personalized, tax-deferred growth potential with access to nearly 100, professionally managed investment options.

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