Allocation Conversation Starter

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Rethinking the approach to the classic 60/40 portfolio


The classic stock/fixed income approach to portfolio diversification, traditionally structured as 60% stocks/40% bonds, is under increasing pressure.

Some financial professionals think the next evolution of portfolio construction may require rethinking 60/40 by adding different sources of diversification and potential return. Having conversations about diversification in your asset allocations may be helpful as you work to achieve your retirement savings goals.

This Allocation Conversation Starter allows you to:


See how purchasing a Fixed Index Annuity (FIA) and/or a Registered Index-linked Annuity (RILA), then allocating among various crediting strategies, would have performed under historical index returns using current Cap and Participation rates, Buffers and Floors.

Compare Your Blended Portfolio which includes a hypothetical allocation to ForeStructured Growth Registered Index-Linked Annuity (RILA) and/or ForeAccumulation II (FIA) against a hypothetical “classic” 60/40 portfolio of equities and fixed income.

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