ForeStructured Growth Playbook

Help clients gain control of their retirement savings

Here’s your ForeStructured Growth registered index-linked annuity playbook

Designed to help your clients gain control of their retirement savings strategy by balancing growth potential while limiting exposure to losses. To see how ForeStructured Growth works – watch this video and share it with your clients.

Putting it in Perspective

Share these effective one-pagers with your clients to help shed light on how ForeStructured Growth may help them navigate changing economic conditions.

Case Study – Meet Linda

Learn about how a ForeStructured Growth annuity can protect your client against market declines while providing the potential to recover faster and grow their retirement savings.

Potential for Growth and Protection

Educate your client about how Index Caps and Participation Rates work with Buffers and Floors to provide growth potential and protection from loss.

See how it works

Use this interactive tool to demonstrate how Interest Crediting may be affected during different Strategy Terms within the growth potential and protection features of ForeStructured Growth.

Adaptability and Flexibility

ForeStructured Growth offers an innovative interest crediting option that guarantees no more than 10% of your client’s original allocation to that Index Strategy is at risk of loss while providing the increased growth potential.1

ForeStructured Growth sample illustrations

Get sample illustrations to see the growth potential that ForeStructured Growth may provide.

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