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Your partnership is important to us, which is why we continue to invest in creating a service experience that is dependable and transparent. You can view our actual average annuity turn-around times (updated weekly) below.

Actual Average Annuity Turn-Around Times

Current Average Turn-Around Times*
Week ending May 17, 2024

Process SecureFore All Other Products
Cash In-Good-Order (Issued) 0.8 business days 0.8 business days
Transfer In-Good-Order (Letter of Acceptance sent) 1.0 business days 1.0 business days
Not In-Good-Order Communication 1.7 business days 1.1 business days
Pending Transfer Follow Up Calls 5 business days first outreach to ceding carrier;
Every 10 business days thereafter
Call Center Service (Wait time) <20 seconds

* The numbers provided above are averages and actual individual experience may vary. Due to underwriting requirements, ForeCare policies may take longer.



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Non-Transfer (Cash)

  • Complete the required NAIC training. 
    See how to get started
  • Ensure that signatures and dates for all parties are on every document in all required sections. 
  • Confirm all supporting documents are submitted.


  • Verify that correct ownership structure is listed on transfer form and matches ownership at ceding carrier.
  • If the transfer is a replacement, the replacement form must be included.
  • Confirm that all signatures are provided on transfer form and in replacement section of ESRA.
  • Double-check that any carrier-specific forms are included.

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