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Having the Lifetime Income Conversation with Your Conservative Clients

Because “retirement” isn’t a finish line – it’s a milestone along the journey.

When thinking about the road to retirement for clients we may think of “retirement” as the finish line. But in reality – retirement is just a milestone along that road. However, as your clients get closer to that milestone, their tolerance for market risk will most likely decrease. At the same time, they may be wondering whether they will have enough savings to enjoy their retirement. Finding a balance between continued growth potential and asset protection from market losses can be a tricky task.

Defining a lifestyle in retirement

“The ‘lifestyle’ your clients lead will define the quality of their retirement.”

As longer life expectancy continues to be a major theme for retirees, so does the concern that they may outlive their retirement savings. But longevity isn’t the only concern. Rising inflation, low interest rates and taxes can all have an impact on income during retirement. Social Security and other sources of protected lifetime income can help pay for the essentials during retirement. But it will be the “lifestyle” your clients lead that will define the quality of their retirement.

Questions and conversation starters

So how can you help your clients prepare for living in retirement for 30 years or more – with the standard of living they are used to and the lifestyle they have dreamed about? You can start by thinking about these questions:

  • Does your client’s current retirement resources have the potential to grow during retirement?
  • Will your client’s portfolio be able to weather any potential market downturn during retirement?
  • If your client wants to leave a significant legacy for their loved ones, will they be able to – no matter how long they live?


If you have doubts about any of these, it might be time to have a new conversation with clients that can address these challenges.

Give your clients an accumulation strategy

As a partner with Global Atlantic, you have access to innovative retirement strategies that can address these challenges and help put them on the “right” track. Talk to your clients about what they want their retirement to look like, and perhaps introduce some wealth building strategies that can help them get there.

Our Accumulation Planning Guide is a great starting point to help clients better understand the importance of building wealth “to” and “through” retirement. Download and share the Accumulation Planning Guide.

If you have clients that are ready for a wealth building strategy right now – one that can offer down market protection AND an optional enhanced death benefit available at an additional cost – consider a ForeAccumulation fixed index annuity. Download and share the ForeAccumulation Brochure.

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