Long-term care (LTC) playbook

The possibility of more money for qualified long-term care expenses

Here’s your long-term care playbook

Get the ball rolling with these resources to show your clients how to potentially have more money for qualified long-term care expenses.

70% of your clients age 65+ will need long-term care flyer

Show your clients how to pay for their long-term care expenses by demonstrating how ForeCare fixed annuity with Long-Term Care1 Benefits offers More Care, More Convenience and More Control.

PPA and the impact to ‘traditional’ annuities

Review the flyer to learn how ForeCare was designed to work within the rules of the Pension Protection Act (PPA) versus other traditional annuities.

ForeCare height and weight chart

Use this quick reference flyer to help determine your clients’ ForeCare eligibility.

ForeCare sales process

Download the flyer to review the simple steps to apply for ForeCare.

The ForeCare annuity in 2 simple steps

Step 1: Download the ForeCare Annuity Medical Questionnaire to determine your clients’ eligibility amount.

Step 2: Once eligibility is determined, complete an application.

73% of annuity owners flyer

Show your clients how ForeCare – an annuity with long-term care benefits – may help them keep their retirement on track in the face of long-term care expenses.

ForeCare facts and factors

This handy pdf has the ForeCare Fixed Annuity with Long Term Care Benefits height and weight requirements, the nine questions that’ll be used to determine the amount available for qualified long-term care expenses they may be eligible to receive, information about the phone interview, product highlights and more.

Show your clients what’s possible

Review a ForeCare illustration to see how it can help your clients double or triple their money for a long-term care event.

As one portion of their retirement strategy, a ForeCare fixed annuity can help maximize your clients’ money set aside for qualified long-term care expenses.

ForeCare offers

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