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Build relationships faster through smarter search techniques

Knowing more about prospects before you meet helps ensure that you use your face-to-face time wisely and facilitates advancing the sales process, too.

But online background searches can be time consuming and frustrating. Research shows that most people spend on average two hours per day doing web searches. That translates to 10 hours of a five-day work week or 40 hours per month! It’s time to search smarter – not harder. If you would like to learn how to save time doing searches essential for your business, this is the workshop for you and your team! Watch this video to learn more about this workshop.


Accelerate your prospect relationship-building process through smarter search techniques.

Given that 65% of consumers search online before going to a physical store,1 chances are your prospects are searching for you before you meet. How are you learning more about them? "65% of consumers search online before going to a physical store."1

With the rise of big data, today’s consumers both expect and receive more tailored services. We’ll show you how to tap that data to give your prospects a new level of personalized service. In the Smart Search workshop, you’ll learn how to maximize your Google searches, canvas social media and use the invisible web – all to better understand and service your customers.

With a personalized Smart Search workshop you will go way beyond the typical Google search for deeper “sales intelligence”. Here’s what to expect:

  • Learn what to search, including a prospect’s hobbies, interests and education.
  • See where to search, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest.
  • Master Google’s advanced search feature to reduce search results from millions to hundreds.
  • Go beyond Google with additional online resources including Bing and Zillow.
  • Takeaway materials include: Keynote presentation, advanced search techniques cheat sheet.
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