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Why a Fixed Annuity is a Good Fit For "Mattress Saver" Clients

Are your “mattress saver” clients looking for a better option? Even if they aren’t – you might want to offer one.

If you have retirement clients who you consider “mattress savers” – it probably means they just want to keep their money safe. They may not be keeping their money stashed under a mattress, but there is a good chance they are keeping a portion of their savings in some sort of deposit account – such as a Certificate of Deposit (CD).1

“Fixed annuities may offer different flexibility and benefits that many CDs do not offer.”

There are good reasons people choose a CD for savings.  They choose CDs for their set interest rates until maturity and the security of knowing their savings are immune to market volatility. 

But what if you could offer your clients the similar protection from market losses, and the possibility of a better fixed rate using a fixed annuity? 

Keep in mind, fixed annuities are not FDIC insured and all guarantees and protections of the product are based upon the claims-paying ability of the insurance company that issues them. Fixed annuities may, however, offer different flexibility and benefits that many CDs do not offer. 

Mattress saving with SecureFore Fixed Annuity

When working with your clients to plan for retirement, helping to keep their nest egg secure is important. But for many, it may be equally important to have other benefit options. With SecureFore, along with the comfort of protection from market risk – your clients get the benefits of guaranteed growth, tax deferral, a death benefit and access to a portion of their money if they need it. Most of all, a SecureFore fixed annuity can provide a stream of protected lifetime income that they can’t outlive.

With a SecureFore fixed annuity your clients can get these advantages: 

  • Competitive fixed interest rates and guaranteed growth on 3-, 5- or 7-year time periods 
  • Tax-deferred interest earnings 
  • Principal protection, avoiding potential loss due to stock market risk2 
  • Convenient and flexible access to your money with up to 10% withdrawals, free of charge, each year during the withdrawal charge period, after the first contract year.2 
  • Optional “Return of Premium” feature, so you never receive less than what you paid for your policy3,4 
  • A guaranteed death benefit equal to the full contract value less any withdrawals payable to your designated beneficiaries
  • The opportunity to generate a stream of income that is guaranteed to last a lifetime

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