Cool down risk of a market loss

Imagine if your clients opened their annual statement and never saw a market loss. A fixed index annuity (FIA) can make that a reality.

Sample statement helps you remove some of the mystery around FIAs

This illustrative statement shows your clients how an FIA enables them to earn interest when the index their strategy is linked to has positive performance1—while also providing protection against market downside.

Annuity objections often come down to 3Cs: Cost, Complexity and Commitment. This video offers answers to those concerns — and helps you change the conversation.

Alleviating Annuity Anxiety

Knowing the facts about Fixed Index Annuities (FIAs) just might turn clients' concerns about cost, complexity and commitment into comfort, clarity and control!


    "I don’t want
    to deal with
    all the fees."

    When clients raise this objection, you can change the conversation by pointing out that fixed index annuities (FIAs) typically have zero upfront sales charges associated with the purchase of the annuity.

    So, whatever your client puts in at the start, that’s typically their beginning contract value.

    They get the growth potential and protection from market losses they want, usually without any cost of a sales charge.

    Check out and share the sample statement above to help clients see how an FIA can work.


    “Annuities are too complex for
    me to understand.”

    If clients state concerns over complexity, you can suggest that they might consider this:

    With an FIA, you have two choices for interest-crediting strategies (not a thousand or a hundred, just two) — “fixed” and “index-linked.”

    And with either type, the client is never actually invested in the market or any index, and they have a single contract value that tells them what their contract is worth at the end of each Strategy Term.

    Watch and consider sharing the short video below to illustrate the possibilities FIAs provide — and help turn complexity into clarity.


    “I can't lock up my money
    for decades.”

    If a client expresses fear over a long-term financial commitment, you might present these three simple points:


    Annuities should only be a “portion” of your retirement strategy and should utilize funds that you don’t need to access immediately.


    Some FIAs have a withdrawal charge period of as little as 5 years. That might be half of what your client expects!


    While the client is committing to a multi-year timeframe, they are often not committing to a specific crediting strategy for that entire time. At the beginning of each Strategy Term, they are often able to choose again between a fixed crediting strategy, indexed crediting strategy – or mix of both.

    In the client resources below, you’ll find a case study you can share with your clients to help turn their fear of commitment into a feeling of control.

    Client Resources

    Give your clients the Facts, Insights and Answers they need — consider sharing these resources to help inform your clients and move the conversation forward.

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    Growth Potential Case Study

    Looking for Growth Potential Case Study

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