Premium Finance

Provide more financial flexibility to high-net-worth clients

Here’s your premium finance playbook

You can use this playbook to start productive conversations around premium finance and help minimize disruption to clients’ cash flow.


Agent Guide to Premium Finance

Create a customized approach to leveraging legacy.


Premium Financing Guidelines

Follow these guidelines to ensure your case meets the necessary standards for premium financing.


Premium Finance the Right Way

Premium finance can be a valuable tool and useful strategy for the right clients, but it is not without its risks. Be sure both you and your clients fully understand the risks being assumed.

Additional premium finance resources

These resources can help you — and your clients — identify whether premium finance is an appropriate strategy for your client and how to proceed if it is.

Consider these IUL products to meet your premium finance needs

Global Accumulator Indexed Universal Life

Designed for individuals looking for accumulation potential, while maintaining flexibility in their approach.

Lifetime Builder ELITE Indexed Universal Life

The indexed universal life product designed to help clients build for the future.

Lifetime Foundation ELITE Indexed Universal Life

The IUL policy focused on death benefit guarantees.

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