Life insurance

Protection designed for life

We design life insurance products that support your efforts to help clients plan for the future and take care of those they love.

Indexed Universal Life Insurance

Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL) is a type of permanent life insurance that credits interest based in part on the upward movement of a major financial index – like the S&P 500® Index (subject to certain limitations). Our IUL products can offer your clients two types of interest crediting strategies:

  1. A fixed interest rate for consistent, predictable, and positive growth.
  2. An index-based strategy for greater growth potential and protection from negative index returns.


  • Upside potential with downside protection
  • Potential cash accumulation
  • Income tax-free death benefit
  • Tax-deferred growth

Lifetime Builder ELITE

Built for growth, this policy is designed for clients focused on cash accumulation – with 6 indexed interest crediting strategies.

Lifetime Foundation ELITE

The simple, affordable, secure option for clients focused on death benefit guarantees.

Global Accumulator

Designed for clients looking for greater accumulation potential through optional SMART Buy-Up strategies available for an additional charge.

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