It’s our New Year’s resolution—help policy owners by delivering cost of insurance discounts to even more people.

Wellness for Life® is now available at no charge!

Wellness for Life® is the original wellness rider, delivering cost of insurance discounts when insureds visit the doctor at least once every other year. They can earn greater discounts if they manage their weight within a range determined when they buy their policy.

Now Wellness for Life is available at no charge on every eligible life insurance policy.

There’s no need for frequent check-ins or for us to get access to their fitness trackers. All your clients have to do is send in the form at least once every two years and receive Wellness Rewards®. It’s that simple!

For more than 10 years, Wellness for Life has been

  • Boosting policy values
  • Inspiring healthy living
  • Growing business for producers

And it just got better because now it’s FREE.

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Wellness for Life® is a special kind of booster for your clients' life insurance policies.

Curious how the weight range is calculated?

Wellness for Life Weight-Range Finder

Wellness is simple. Here’s how it works...

When a client purchases a Global Atlantic permanent, individual life insurance policy, they automatically qualify for Wellness for Life, and there is no charge for this rider.

They earn Rewards in the form of discounts on their cost of insurance if they visit the doctor at least every other year. They earn greater Rewards—meaning they can save even more—if they also maintain their weight within a range determined when they buy the policy.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

This is all they need to do to earn Rewards:

  1. Schedule a physical with their doctor.
  2. Take the Wellness for Life form with them and ask the doctor to complete and sign it.
  3. Return the form to us.1

Their premiums can never increase due to a doctor visit.

LEVEL 1 Rewards — A discount on insurance costs simply by going to the doctor for a physical.

LEVEL 2 Rewards — A greater discount on cost of insurance by going to the doctor and maintaining their weight within a reasonable range.

The boost can get bigger over time

Rewards (cost of insurance discounts) begin in policy year 3. Discounts can become more significant over time as we boost the Rewards further by using a multiplier that increases with the age of the policy.2



Consumers are motivated by incentives—Give your clients what they want

A survey we conducted revealed that nine out of ten consumers (92%) would be motivated to maintain a specific weight level and four out of five (81%) say they would be more likely to have an annual check-up if offered a life insurance discount or incentive.

See the survey results here.