Protect Your Family, Protect Your Money

You’ve spent your entire life working diligently to grow your assets and safeguard your family.

You may have purchased traditional life insurance to preserve your legacy, and you may have protected your money in an annuity, savings account or CD. Undoubtedly you've spent a lot of time preparing for your retirement.

Your whole life you've anticipated the possible, so why not plan for the inevitable?

The TrustGuard Gold℠ plan can help you set aside funds for your final expenses and leave a legacy to your loved ones. This comprehensive plan offers unique protection by combining whole life insurance and a trust that can help you:

  • Have funds available to help pay for your final expenses, potentially passing remaining value to your estate or named beneficiaries
  • Possibly protect your assets from creditors and Medicaid look-backs1


If you’d like to learn more about TrustGuard Gold, contact your financial professional.