Customize your Life - Term Life Insurance Riders

In addition to protecting your family with term life insurance for you, we offer other optional life insurance riders as an addition to your life insurance policy. They provide different options and benefits that allow you to customize your policy to your life.

Additional Insured
Provides death benefit coverage on the lives of up to three family members. This premium is level for the first 10 policy years only. The coverage provided by the rider can be converted to a permanent policy as long as a plan of insurance is available at the additional insured’s current age.

Accidental Death Benefit
Adds coverage should the insured die from an accident.

Children's Insurance
Provides level term coverage on the life of any child (between the ages of 15 days and 17 years) of the base insured until the child is age 25.

Accelerated Death Benefit Rider
Speeds up the time in which benefits are paid should insured become terminally ill. A portion of the policy proceeds normally paid at death is paid while you are living provided your life expectancy is 12 months or less.

Waiver Premium Rider
The monthly premium specified under the rider is credited to the policy if the insured becomes totally disabled for at least 6 months before age 65. Benefits, including those premiums currently being waived, cease at age 65.

Additional Term Life Insurance Riders available

  • -Waiver of Premium Plus