Question 1:

When it comes to managing your retirement income, pick the picture that best represents how involved you want to be - check A or B.

Question 2:

Which image best captures how you feel about this statement:

I think my retirement savings will probably be enough to cover my fun expenses (like travel) and my essential expenses (like food) for life.

Question 3:

For your "needs" expenses (like eating in) and your "wants" expenses (like eating out), where would you prefer to draw your money from?

From my investment portfolio for both

From my protected income source for my needs and my investment portfolio for my wants

Question 4:

Pick the image that best represents your first retirement priority. (Note that the three "A" images represent retirement needs. The three "B" images represent retirement wants. Pick one "A" or one "B" image only.)

Question 5:

How willing are you to take on greater investment risk in order to have more "fun money" in your retirement?

Very willing

Not that willing

Question 6:

What's more important to you? Achieving your other retirement goals or preparing for emergencies?

Achieving my other retirement goals

Preparing for emergencies

Question 7:

For things like your utility bills and groceries, how much of your income are you expecting from protected income sources such as Social Security, an annuity, and/or a pension?

Question 8:

The longer your retirement, what do you value more in your retirement income strategy?


A permanent strategy

Question 9:

Do you worry about the level of sustainable income your assets can generate for your retirement expenses?



Question 10:

How certain are you that you could overcome a severe market downturn in your retirement?

Somewhat to pretty confident

Not that confident

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