PRODCAT Risk Reset

Risk is unavoidable. How you choose to react to it can make all the difference.

The current combination of sudden, geopolitical upheaval and ongoing effects of the COVID crisis are only adding complexity to today’s "perfect storm" of changing interest rates, record inflation – at a 40-year high1 and ongoing market uncertainty. Together, these factors are presenting significant difficulties for investors attempting to allocate the fixed-income portion of their retirement strategy.

Are bond values currently on thin ice?

This short video helps you understand the relationship between interest rates — which are currently rising — and bond values. What’s riskier? Ice skating in spring or ignoring this relationship between bond values and interest rates? Watch this video to find out!

Can you afford to ignore inflation?

This short, animated video helps illustrate the effects of inflation on the things you can’t live without in retirement—like grocery shopping. What’s riskier? Swimming with sharks or ignoring the effects of inflation on your retirement planning? Watch this video to find out!

Risk Reset Couple

Are you risk ready for retirement?

This handy brochure leads you through today’s interest rate, inflation and bond value risks in an easy-to-understand way.


Newsworthy risks

Read more about how unavoidable risks could wreak havoc with your retirement plans and savings…



The New York Times

This is a Terrible Time for Savers
In an upside-down world of financial markets, expected returns after inflation are at record lows.

Alliance for Lifetime Income

As Prices Surge, Retirees Return to Work
How to think about a “retirement reset” during times of uncertainty.

Interest Rates
Market Instability

Help reset some risk.

Interest‐rate uncertainty, rising inflation, and decreases in bond values as well as market uncertainty all present challenges in growing assets or generating fixed income in retirement. This short video helps you understand the risks and presents some ways in which annuities might work as part of your fixed income strategy.

Global Atlantic Financial Group - Risk Reset

Annuities can help you reset some risk

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