What do you get from Choice Income?

You get guaranteed lifetime income

Choice Income can provide you with extra income that you can’t outlive.1,2

Your spouse can too

Your spouse may be able to continue to get lifetime income after you pass.

And more income for health needs

You may also get more income for your qualifying healthcare needs.3,4

Choice Income gives you two Withdrawal Base growth options.
Option 1

Steady, predictable lifetime income.

The Guaranteed Income Builder Benefit offers predictable annual Withdrawal Base growth to help build your future "paycheck." The benefit, along with your age, helps determine the income payment you can receive every year once income begins (assuming no excess withdrawals).5,6,7

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Option 2

Steady income with growth potential.

The Income Multiplier Benefit offers the potential for greater interest crediting to your Withdrawal Base to help build your future "paycheck." Once income begins, there is the potential for further interest credits to be added to the Withdrawal Base, creating the potential for increased income payments to help handle increased costs during retirement. And, income payments will never decrease (assuming no excess withdrawals).5,7,8,9

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Under either option above, the Withdrawal Base at issue equals your premium payment. It is important to note that the Withdrawal Base is separate from contract value and is not available for cash surrender or as a death benefit.

You’ll never see market losses. Ever.

When you buy a Choice Income fixed index annuity, you’re not investing in the stock market. Instead, your growth potential is linked to an interest crediting method, that may be linked to an index, like the S&P 500. Watch this video and see how that works.


Plus, there’s more for a healthcare setback.

At no added cost, Choice Income includes the Income Enhancement Benefit that will double your guaranteed annual income amount for up to five years if you're unable to perform two or more Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). ADLs are things like eating, bathing or simply getting dressed. Getting the care you need can be expensive. But even when you're down, this built-in feature can help keep your retirement journey on track.3,4

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