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The Conversation of a Lifetime

Harness the power of language for more productive conversations

The new retirement generation is interested in having conversations about protected lifetime income. It’s an important conversation, but it’s not without obstacles — annuities are more complicated, more expensive, and less familiar than typical investments.

The conversations can be challenging, but they don’t have to be. The Conversation of a Lifetime workshop provides a research-backed approach to help you engage your customers in a clear, concise, and productive way. Watch this video to learn more about this workshop.


Have conversations that go beyond savings. 

Your clients want to know how to make the assets you’ve worked so hard to help them build last for a retirement that could last more than 30 years. The Conversations of a Lifetime workshop will help you gain a firm understanding of the elements of a successful client meeting while avoiding any of the pitfalls that can alienate or frustrate customers.

"You build powerful connections when you use pictures to make jargon and acronyms come alive."1

Choosing the right language is critical, and that’s especially true in complex discussions. Certain words resonate better than others — and it’s often not just about what we say, but what clients hear that matters. 

With a personalized Conversation of a Lifetime workshop, you will go beyond the typical lifetime income conversations. You’ll be equipped with the research-backed language necessary to overcome obstacles and help your clients reach their goals. Here’s what to expect:

  • Make your conversations easier and more productive.
  • Build your awareness of the want and need for protected lifetime income.
  • Leverage research captured through instant dial-response technology for more effective client conversations.
  • Use the conversation roadmap and learn the “words to use” and the “words to lose.”
  • Takeaway materials include: Keynote presentation, program overview fact sheet, public seminar.
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