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Understand and Engage with the Four Personality Types

How to adapt to different client personalities.

To connect with clients and prospects, financial professionals usually consider many different aspects of the conversation. They need to understand the client/prospect’s retirement goals, the unique challenges they face and even specifics about their life and personal histories. But you may benefit even more by focusing on something a little more intangible: their personality traits. A conversation tactic that resonates with one person may completely backfire with another. This narrow focus may be causing you to miss out on opportunities to grow your business.

“The majority of financial professionals sell to their own personality type,” said Global Atlantic Practice Management Program Director Bill Sweeney. “That means there is a wealth of business out there that they’re not tapping.”

But how do you know someone’s personality type? A new workshop from Global Atlantic illustrates how to quickly assess clients’ and prospects’ personality types and adjust your behavior to benefit both parties. The CORE Four personality assessment, developed by a psychologist and two psychiatrists, narrows it down to four dominant personalities.

“The majority of financial professionals sell to their own personality type. That means there is a wealth of business out there that they’re not tapping.”

The importance of tailoring your approach

Having the ability to alter your communication style depending on the person with whom you are speaking is critical now more than ever. According to a 2022 survey on financial professional and client communications from SmartAsset, financial professionals are touching base with their clients more frequently. Specifically, about one-third of respondents said they are connecting with their clients more than they were in spring 2021. Around 42% talk to their clients quarterly, 32% talk monthly, and 11% talk weekly, according to the survey.

Not only does increased frequency highlight the need for having a different communication strategy depending on the personality type, but by being better equipped to understand your clients and speak to them in a manner they will respond to, you’ll strengthen the relationship and convey a sense of empathy and engagement that can help retain their business.

Knowing how to talk to personality types is good for business as well. Having actionable empathy will equip you with the ability to expand opportunities by understanding what kind of messaging resonates with a wide swath of individuals.

As Sweeney puts it: “It’s about adjusting who you are to the level of the person you’re meeting with for more business.”

Sharpen your skills

Being able to identify the four dominant personality types is only half the battle. Once you’re equipped with that knowledge, how do you apply it? And what are the most effective methods available to you? The CORE Four workshop will delve into these topics and provide valuable insight into not just your clients, but your own personality traits as well. Learn to expand your business by connecting with personality types of all kinds. The workshop includes:

  • Keynote presentation
  • Personality assessment worksheet
  • Personality overview cheat sheet

Upon finishing the workshop, you’ll be ready to quickly assess personality types and rapidly tailor your approach to communicating.

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